❤ [Need Civs!] DistrictRP Revival! / 600+ Members / Whitelisted EMS/Police/Airlines/Mechanics/News / Custom Scripts / Serious RP / Housing / Drugs / Gang RP (Mafia/Cartel) / Amazing Community!



Hiring all positions* = please get in contact with me privately to discuss any staff/development/administration job role on Discord: samcyster#6328

About The Server/Community:
The server was once known very well as a friendly and fun place to spend hours upon hours rping.
I can say from personal experience as I was originally not the owner of DistrictRP, but a civilian, in fact DistrictRP was my first ever FiveM server and my last. It didn’t end so well with the administration and ownership the last run, unfortunately. I was granted with the trust from the original developer with the server files along with some guidance to get the server up but from that point on it was up to me, and now we’re in the final stages and the server is completely live, but we’re in desperate need of updates and polishing. We could really use some very needed help.

If you’re simply looking for a great community, you’ve hit gold. Pure gold. When this community is alive it’s truly alive and roaring, full of amazing individuals ready to get creative in-game and have some fun and meet new people! We’re all about peace here :wink:

+ The Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Ny66yfr

+ Direct Connect:

+ Quick Connect: https://servers.fivem.net/#/servers/detail/

I hope to see most of you around <3
Much Love.

Extra info (old post from the old owner): DistrictRP Community Public Server | Serious RP | Active Devs/ Admins | Hiring for all Jobs. Illegal White listed jobs like Cartel and Mafia many others!



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great server to play on, has great community very friendly and nice


@pandakiller2111 see ya around buddy <3


Been apart of this community for a long time, I recommend it to anyone looking for a great community to play with!


I finally findthe best server <3 Ty guys i hope you find a dev and make some cool updates together :slight_smile:


@Thomas_McAllister :heart:


Server’s been updated heavilly with new resources/ custom buildings and a hell of a lot more!
We’d appreciate any support in the revival of this amazing server and community.

Much Love.