Need Beter ems menu please


Guys i found that on other website i upload on server but thats say cant work on fiveM can you guys do it for FiveM server exactly the same think please

Link is

Better EMS brings a whole new level of medical response to LSPDFR. And given how often you crazy officers run people over, shoot them down, beat them up, and otherwise put their lives in danger… it’s about time the medics in Los Santos picked up their game.
Packed with features to give your casualties their best chance of survival, Better EMS has several key benefits:
Integration with popular mods including Custom Backup, Arrest Manager, Patrol Toolkit, LSPDFR+, Police Smart Radio, PeterU Callouts, and more!
Realistic response units: A fire truck will dispatch from the nearest fire station, and an ambulance will dispatch from the nearest hospital.
Customize your backup units and spawn points. Life guards respond near the beach, park rangers respond in the mountains. Use any vehicle as a response unit.
Dynamic dispatch audio based on the injuries detected.
Revival probability is dynamically adjusted based on injury type, body part hurt, and how long it took for EMS to arrive.
NEW! Custom revival probabilities - edit the survival chances for any combination of injury and body part!
Revived patients are taken to the ambulance and driven to the hospital, not just left to wander off!
If more people get hurt while EMS is on scene, they will quickly tend to the new casualties.
Detailed incident report tells you the name and status of each patient.
Developer API allows plugin creators to call for EMS, or for an ambulance to transport a single ped.

Full instructions are included in the README file; please read it carefully!
This mod is compiled for RPH 0.51, and is compatible with all RPH versions from 0.45 to 0.51. There are no other external dependencies besides LSPDFR and the files included with the download.
If you have crashes, bug reports, etc, please post in the forum thread and upload a copy of your RagePluginHook.log, your EMSUnits.xml file, and your INI file. No support can be provided for problems reported in reviews, or not providing the required files listed above.

A big thank you to everybody who helped with the development of this mod!
@fiskey111 for helping figure out CPR animations
@Albo1125, @alexguirre, and many others for their help with coding questions
@Darkmyre for particularly helpful beta testing and other help
@LtFlash and @Fiskey111 for advice on medical realism


Is it the menu a F5 Menu???


It’s simple, scripts that aren’t made for FiveM don’t work in FiveM. I’m not much of a scripter so I wouldn’t know if or how to convert it to a FiveM resource. Good luck.