Need assistance with my server. I don't know much


Good day all!

Okay so I know how to add cars, that’s easy, but when it comes to some scripts or addons I just don’t understand.
I wanted to add this, and wasn’t sure how to do so:

Ontop of that I’m not sure how this works either, I have it but it wont work, likely cause of the folder name:

This is all new and VERY fun for me, I just need a hand with some things, being adventurous is fun and I need to know what will and wont work so I can remember it for the future.
I’ve wandered around the forums and even Googled things but to no avail.
I also wanted to know, Open All Interiors is on some servers but I can’t figure out how it works for the life of me.

I appreciate every reply towards my issues.


i can only answer for my script the name shouldn’t make a difference as long as it is exactly the same case as the folder name just start it in your server.cfg and off you go


oh but holes in map 🔔 [RELEASE] v2: Fix holes in the map (up to The Doomsday Heist)


Thanks for clarifying this, I thought the author had to name it. Will fix now. :grinning:


i am the author lol but feel free to rename it to PauseMap or something makes a shite bit of difference to me


Oh yes, I already have that. Thanks though!
I know, I was saying in general for scripts, I thought it had to be packaged in a folder with the script so it worked correctly.


i’m not sure what you mean as long as its in the resource folder and its has atleast a __resource.lua and a client.lua then you should be golden and the names exactly match. your console will usual tell you if theres is an issue it will say something like “failed to load resource …”


Nevermind, its fine.
Thank you for the very quick reply, I much appreciate it.


i need some help as well… If its allright. Sorry for answering on ur post, im just so frustrated with these server things, cant get a hosted one to work and cant get a home hosted to work… dunno if im just stupid or im doing a stupid mistake.


I don’t really know anything else than what i’ve learned from videos and forums the past 3 days…