Need a whitelisted Server to Play


looking for a white listed server to play on i have some friends that are looking as well we are perusing police roles. We are all 18+ and looking for an active community please contact me ASAP


Hello there i’m the owner of a community Called United State Roleplay we are looking for cops. You can look at our Forum post for more information.

Owner Kevin S.


Richmond County RP check us out


scratch that you already did :rofl:


Below Zero Gaming. go to create an account and fill out the application for the department you want to join!


California Statewide Roleplay.
Active Patrols, Whitelisted, Helpful Staff




are you looking for LEO and is there an age requirement


Im looking for LEO positions as well as a mature community me and my friends are all 18+ and want to play with people with the same mind set no youngin drama