Need a website or logo for your RP server? Your at the right place. Custom websites and logos


Hi my name is Dmitri and i am very skilled in creating websites. i have created a couple of websites for many RP servers. I Also do custom logos for you RP server as well.

  • Custom design
  • fit to your liking

Example of a website i have done(most look like this)

If interested please let me know.


You are very skilled huh?. But how skilled. Anyone can say “I am skilled”…


I am very good in server development. Organizing servers. I can also bring great creativity


What does creativity mean. Scripting…


try add me in discord and we can talk about it maybe show me some of your work as well.


Should make your post more descriptive. Possbly showing past work describing what you can do etc.

Alot of people around here that makes posts stating that they are skilled and can do development but their “skills” in development ends at organizing a resource structure or adding resources to a server


bumo still looking let me know!


Join here we can use someone like you


bump stll looking! let me k now


I’m looking for help with my server if you want more info you can message me on discord CreatCraft#7253


Five Star Roleplay is looking for experienced administrators and co-owners. The list of your skills definitely qualifies you as an applicant. Check out the Discord.


bump_ still need a website or logo let me know!


still accepting clients!


Hi DmitriG I am J.Kremers and i own PJRP or Project Justice Roleplay and i really need a logo because i don’t have one right now also a custom website would be cool.
if you want to help me out then all my contact information will be below.

Contact Information

My Discord Server :
My Discord Name : J.Kremers#3443

FiveM Forums Post

I Hope to see you soon



i need a website for my rp server called sanadras rp
my discord is robertjeffersYT#1863