Need a decent hosting site. Done with Zap


Ive rented from Zap for about 3 months now and keep running into issues with the server. Mostly that the server is offline every now and then and whenever I try to restart or start the server up, it does the starting up for about 20-30 seconds and then goes back to offline. And their support is hardly ever online so you have to wait until the following day for any help/fix. Zap doesnt know what the issue is and have twice changed my IP to fix the issue. Still getting the issue from time to time.
What site can I rent a server from that I can actually get a trustworthy server for my money?


Get a vps from zap. Honestly there the cheapest option around


Linode has been excellent to me for all of my VPS needs.


our skilled FiveM Support is not available in Livechat. Please you the ticketsystem instead, there you’ll get a fast and goot answer. I will get in touch with you by PM regarding your issues :slight_smile:


Recently zap-hosting got a skilled FiveM support team, which are only seeing FiveM tickets put through the panel. This is why I would recommend using the ticket system as people on Live Support are usually specialized in other areas.


OVH VPSs are pretty good too.


As far as Zap goes they have acquired a great FiveM staff from the knowledgeable people here on the forums. If you have an issue that is easily solved they will be more then willing to assist you. Tickets are the only way to read said support at this time, and when you send in a ticket for a FiveM related issue it goes straight to them. Now keep in mind owning a server is also about being responsible with your resources. The wrong resources can keep your server from running so be careful about what you are installing on your server.


I have 3 tickets open with them. 1 from last month when me and 3 friends were online for about 15mins and all got kicked at the same time. The rest of the night the server was offline and unable to start. And 2 from yesterday when it was offline and unable to start since I tried around 1:30pm my time and tried atleast once an hour until I went to bed at 10:30pm my time. Yesterday I opened 2 tickets, sent multiple messages to the chat, sent a PM to a zap account on these forums, and sent an email to their support email. The first time I got a reply was 2am my time. Part of the problem is that they offer a product that is supposed to be up 24/7, (and granted everything will run into issues from time to time) to countries all over the world, but their support only works on their German time. So when people in N. America run into issues, most often their support has recently gone home for the day.
And like last month the server was online and a few of us were on for a bit then all of a sudden it was stuck to offline and support was already done for the day so we couldn’t get onto or fix the server all night. A few days ago I put in ELS and some vehicles and we were playing all night, the next day I switched some vehicles out and went on the server and tested they were all working and the handling was good, etc. No issues. 2 days later when we were about to all go play, server stuck offline. Nothing has been changed since I was on 2 days ago testing vehicles and the server was online and fine at that time. So it doesn’t seem like it’s a resource issue.


@Venom-Snake Don’t use our Livechat. This is staff from Germany, Münster. They have basic skills in FiveM.
Use our Ticketsystem Support instead. Here we have FiveM Experts from all over the world. They are from Canada, USA, Denmark, Sweden and germany. Means you will get FiveM support 24/7 there.

And please answer my PM if you want help.


Just order a vps from << Decent website decent prices.


i have no problem with Zap hosting at all, anytime that there is something that goes wrong with the server, they always fix the problem right away, most of the time i dont even need to post a ticket, its fixed as soon as possible, that being said my server barely goes down and ive had it up for the past 3 days without resetting it, besides today when i restarted the server because i did updates to it, so i dont see any problems you are having with zap hosting, in my opinion they are great providers


Only if you want little to no support at all and DDoS protection that doesn’t support FiveM.

The best host, in all of my experience, is NFOservers.
Support there will always reply within 10 minutes at any time of the day, all the agents have Linux experience and can help with almost anything, and even the CEO will help you sometimes.


our DDoS protection supports FiveM ofc. When you have a server in germany, we’d recommend to book “an own IP”. Then you’ll get the Default FiveM Port (30120) what is optimized in our DDoS protection when it comes to packet inspection. Furthermore you see all attack to your FiveM server in that DDoS Manager.
In Dallas and Canada you don’t need an own IP.