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[How to] VRP_Money_Display 1.3 fix!

Thanks For Fixing It Didnt Think It was actually broken :slight_smile:


Hi @Cratt I downloaded and replaced your files in my server, but when I start it I get this error in console:


What I’m missing? Thanks.


Just use the one in my pack, it has no errors lol. Fyi, Southern & Levi helped develop it, this is just an altered version. Speak to Levi Baines#1562 on my Discord if you’d like further help with this.

Future reference @Cratt, speak to the creators prior to releasing, it’s just common courtesy. More so, if you’re going to release a bugged version.


I use these resources and the money display disappears


I Not Exactly Sure Why This Display Is Giving You Guys Issues Added To My Server And Have Not Had One Issue .
FYI : You Can Pm Me Or Levi On Discord And We Will Assist You :slight_smile:
Discord Name’s
(Levi Baines#1562)
Thanks For Further Information Pm Us On Discord :slight_smile:


Whats your discord?

Only problem i have i got it to display just its not setting the font :S


After I replaced the files in this pack (using VRP) I don’t have hunter and thirst bar anymore. What have I to do?


In the vRP folder open: “__resource.lua” and you will see 2 lines:


Just remove the two “-” in front of "modules/survival.lua", if you wish to have the thirst and hunger back.

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Thank you so much !!!


No problem!
Happy to help!


try this new version


Same error :persevere:



Will do mate. I know the guy who made this were pretty close if you know what I mean :blush:


Got this working perfectly by just taking a few lines of code from your resources, and adding it into @Dunko’s 5.0 vRP framework. Now I have the updated features of @Dunko’s newest edited vRP release, along with the awesome font and good looks of this resource! :smiley:


What’s going on here? image


Same issue for me…


Sorry but you added one css code to this and re released it ?
Would be cool to at least share my GitHub so people can know where to get the new versions of vrp_job_display, the new version supports icons now. Next time please talk to me and share my repository when posting one of my resources.


oh sorry I’ll do it now. I thank-you so much for all you’ve done in the VRP community