NA | FriendlyFoesRP | $50k Start | Controller Friendly | Custom Cars | Serious RP | Hiring Whitelisted Police and EMS | Legal and Illegal Work | Custom Gun Crafting | Pawn Shop | Car Chop Shop | Many Secrets | Golf Course | Movie Theater

Welcome to FriendlyFoesRP! We are a returning serious RP server with active admins. We have a large staff of mature and experienced players who focus on staying in character and providing the best possible environment for genuine and creative RP. We have many features built in to immerse yourself in the world of Los Santos. All are welcome! We have a range of jobs to apply for. Police and EMS are whitelisted, and are to go through an interviewing process to help ensure we have the most professional staffing. You can apply for those positions in our discord. There will also be a wide range of server contests and activities to help you meet your neighbors, and of course, win some money.

Server restarts twice day at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. est.

Any questions we will be happy to answer in our discord which you can find on our Twitter page at:

Server Direct Connect IP Address:

Current Legal Jobs in Game

Taxi Driver
We are holding interviews for Police and EMS

Several police cars such as:
Chevy Suburban
Ford Crown Victoria
Ford Mustang
Ferrari F430
Many more…

We have RiPPawn Pawn Shop where you can sell various items from chopped car parts to stolen Jewelry

Are you fast enough to rob the jewelry store and get away safely?

Can you find the correct parts to craft a jackhammer and rob a bank?

We have a very wide range of customizable vehicles to choose from, here are just a few.


looks so nice


The new pawn shop is amazing. I’ve never seen any features like that on any other server.


Latest Update: You can now buy items that were previously sold in the pawn shop! Records are also kept of all sales for one week.

We’re still looking to expand the police force and medical staff!

Can you find all the secrets around the city?


There is sooo much stuff to do in this server!!! I really love the cars too!!


This server is a lot of fun! So many new things to explore all the time! The admin are really helpful whenever there’s any questions. Best server I’ve played on!

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Omg the Pawn Shop is awsome!!!

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still have some spots open on the server tonight, come check it out!

If you’re looking for a new server, you found the right spot. We are a server looking for people who enjoy having fun while doing serious RP. New Updates daily. If you have any questions check out our socials.

Direct Connect:
Twitter: @FriendlyFoesRP

Server Updates:

Our new hospital has gone through it’s renovations and is ready to take care of the city of Los Santos!

  • new inventory system
  • house robbery
  • chop shop
  • pawn shop