[NA/EU] EZRP.tk | In Need Of Major Positions


Welcome to EZRP’s Application Announcement!

What is EZRP?

EZRP is a one of a kind ,custom server from custom jobs to unique server events that will keep things fresh and interesting for our players. Our devs are hard at work 24/7 to bring new content to the server so what are you waiting for come on and join us.

At EZRP we patrol everyday, we have multiple agencies that span across the state performing their duties to the best of their abilities. We do Serious RP so all that join can have some fun RP-ing.

EZRP’s Links:
Website http://ezrp.tk
Forums: http://ezrp.tk/forums/
Discord: https://discord.gg/kJZmFeX10
Teamspeak ts3.ezrp.tk


Must have a valid copy of GTAV for PC.
Must be 16+
Must have Discord.
Must have Teamspeak 3
You need to be able to work in a team.
You must be able to make quick appropriate decisions.
You need to be understanding of other members background, beliefs and thoughts.
Must nots:
You must not harass, demean or harm a fellow member
You must not try to promote or demote any political viewpoints
You must not break chain of command
What we require from you
All we need from you is good quality role play and to become a valued asset to our community

What Positions Do We Have Avilable?
• Police Cheif
• Fire & EMS Cheif
• Head Administrator
• Developer
• Project lead

Once these positions are filled the server will be fully launched

  • all other sorts of positions, We need to find people for these positions because we cannot run them our selves. So we are reaching out to new people to find somebody who will meet the criteria were looking for

To Apply visit our discord and talk to Tyler Moose the project lead to get some info

To join our discord and chat: https://discord.gg/BRWumDe

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon!

EZRP Public Affairs Board.

== UPDATE ==
Server is almost ready for full release fixing up a few more small bugs and then will be out for release.



Grammar and format of the text was very professional.


Well dude, you are posting a lot of sh*t. So can you please be quiet?


Bump, Hello all as stated we are at the point were we just need to fill positions so we can get everything finalised. With no applications we do these major positions on a straight interview so we dont have to waist time


Just a update.

We are still hiring for main positions its a NA/EU server its hosted in frankfort so NA east coast still gets good ping. We are still hiring for big positions as listed above.