[NA] Dev / Community Manager For Free


Hi all.

I recently decided that I would remake my “Developer for hire” advertisement in order to let people know that I’m up for hire!

Firstly, a small disclaimer. I’ve been around in the Arma 3 community a long time, and as such I have picked up a lot of connections etc etc and done a lot of work for people. I am not interested in screwing you around, I’m looking to switch platforms and grow my abilities.

So, what can I do?

  • Website development.
  • Mod configurations.
  • Digital Photography.
  • Texturing.

In terms of website development, I’m fluent in HTML and CSS, the two main languages even to this day. I’m also a confident administrator and web master with various forum software, such as MyBB and IPB.

For mod configuration, I do know a decent amount of FiveM mods and and how to use them. Along with installing them and how to install a server as well.

Digital photography is something I extremely enjoy, whether you wish to get a promotional image for your community or perhaps just an ally looking profile picture, I can help you out!

Texturing is a necessary skill for the mod configuration I mentioned earlier. Provided you give me accurate descriptions of what you wish to have in game, I will work my magic and make your vision come to life.

If you wish to get in contact with me you can at

Discord: Tyler Moose#6227




Ive sent you a message on discord


I am back at it and still looking for a good community first come first serve.


Oh well, so this guy joined my Discord and I told him about everything what we have to offer, next 5 minutes he just left. Maybe it’s not the Community you are looking for, but say it than rather being shy and leaving.

Have a good one.


I have DM’ed you on discord.


Still looking for a community hmu


Hello I have a new community starting up and looking for a developer to help me with thing.

Please add me on discord @ Martinez#1962


So after a few months of working on a custom project i left the server i was working with so here i am again looking for a new home.