"\n" breaks chat message formatting


The issue:
Using \n in a chat message string breaks the text formatting.

When using this:

weatherTypes = "clear | extrasunny | overcast | rain | clearing | thunder | smog | foggy | xmas | snowlight | blizzard | neutral | halloween"
TriggerEvent('chatMessage', '', {255,255,255}, '^*^6Invalid option. Usage: \n^7/weather ' .. weatherTypes)

The expected chat output would be: (purple text = bold, white text is not)

However what actually shows is the following: (^* is not being replaced with the bold span element, thus leaving the purple text regular font weight.)

I’ve been trying to find the cause in the Chat resource files but can’t seem to find why this isn’t being replaced (the function IS called correctly).


What base are you using? vRP? EssentialMode?

I know vRP has “” as an invalid character.


None, I never use those kind of “bases”. This is stock FXServer with a fresh version of cfx-server-data.