Mythic Ping - Ping Your Location To Other Players

Some folks here were wanting a resource to add /ping to send your location to another player as a blip on the map, so figure just release it and let folks have at it.

Works out of the box, only large issue with it is the notification for accepting the ping remains on the screen even after accepting it. Larger issue with my notification resource that I am hoping to resolve SoonTM



  • /ping | Sends Ping To Player With Provided Server ID
  • /ping accept | Accepts Pending Ping
  • /ping reject | Rejects Pending Ping
  • /ping remove | Removes Player Ping Blip From Map

Due to personal requirements, I’ve limited it to where a person can only have 1 player ping active at a time. If they accepted a ping and it’s still on the map, if you try to ping them it’ll get blocked. If people want it changed, I can look into adding that.



Excuse me where the source link ?

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Oof, Woops lmao. Added

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Its not giving marking at the map, the location, also i send a ping, bvut on the nothi its saying he sended me a ping .0

Are you getting any errors?

Its fine, my bad everything is working, what is wrong is when someone send a ping , it should say the name of the person who send you the ping, instead its saying my name … when someone send me a ping it says ‘’’‘My name’’ send me a Ping’’

This is pretty cool, nice to see some work being established with Mythic! Can’t wait to use this for my framework I’m working on!

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Yep, copy & paste fail converting stuff to general FiveM stuff. Someone made a PR to fix it so if you pull the latest code it’ll have it fixed.

Or if you wanna just fix it yourself real quick, in the server file where the command is being registered and change;

TriggerClientEvent('mythic_ping:client:SendPing', tSrc, GetPlayerName(tSrc), source)


TriggerClientEvent('mythic_ping:client:SendPing', tSrc, GetPlayerName(source), source)

Thanks @BattleRat for that fix

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Your releases are dope, thank you so much you’re the man :muscle:

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I appreciate your work. I respect you! Well done and I hope people start to realize what good releases looks like, like you have so the community can grow!

I have no use for it, but I’m sure others do, so thanks!

Thats for what? still the same :x

You cleared server cache & restarted? Working on my end so not sure.

I Didn’t , ill try that, and i’ll be back to you in a few !

Thanks anyway !

EZPZ fix haha

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which map i use are very nice coloring

I’m sorry I’ll ask one more question off topic

TriggerEvent( ‘chatMessage’, “ActionMenu”, { 255, 255, 255 }, msg )

TriggerClientEvent(‘mythic_notify:client:SendAlert’, self.source, { type = ‘success’, ( ‘chatMessage’, “ActionMenu”, { 255, 255, 255 }, msg )}

Is that how it is?

TriggerClientEvent(‘mythic_notify:client:SendAlert’, self.source, { type = ‘success’, text = msg })
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Hi there, Very nice work! But i get this error when i typ /ping Name Lastname in the chat or in console did i miss something ?

Because it uses the players server ID, not their name.

Fixed it causing an error if you put in an invalid id.