MySQL Essentials 4 Hosted by Third Party Possible?



Ya the title pretty much explains what I am looking towards.

I am currently helping my friend run his server through a third party hosting server with and would like to know if running MySQL through their database infrastructure will make a difference. I see a lot of people using applications on their computers (hosting client side) to help run SQL files and other things with xxamp, and other programs. My question is, do I have to run that on my computer to run Essentials properly, or can it be done third party as well?

I tried once before (a few days ago) to run Essentials 4 and the base of it seemed to be working. However when I added everything else, it seemed like mySQL was lacking in areas, and some of the resources that needed to be running were working prior to adding other resources. So I am just a little skeptical in this field and would like some easy quick advice if possible?

I am currently running vRP the base of all packages with the build and even with added features, it still seems like a not so worthy attempt to get what I really want for a RP server. We just want jobs to work.

Including the following to be able to do:

  • Launder dirty money

  • Loot and sell drugs

    1. Weed
    2. Cocaine
    3. Opium
  • Police and EMS (whitelisted)

  • Go Postal, Taxi, Lawyer, and whatever comes to mind

I am just so noob friendly with Essentials 4 and not knowing what I would need for a basic approach for ESX or just the base Essentials 4.

Thanks in advance,