My Time With FiveM


My Time With FiveM

I’ve been playing FiveM since the start of 2017 when I got my new PC. Since then FiveM has made massive changes to things like sync. Some currently complain about sync, and all I’m going to say is that its nothing like this, that’s from September 2017, that’s bad. FiveM has made so much progression since I started playing. When I made my Forums account I never knew what I would turn it into, still really haven’t. But I was told to make a forums account to post a review on a servers topic. A couple months after that I started looking into code and jazz. This is when I first learnt that lua was a thing :laughing: . Since I have learnt alot, but this topic is not about me. Its about the FiveM team.

The longer we wait for One-Sync’s full release is the better it will be so. Attention all FiveM noobs! Dont hassle FiveM peeps about One-Sync! Its gonna come and it will be great. If I may though. I thing I would love to see back is the weekly updates in #announcements. these were great and loved seeing the progress (if any) in the week. Even if there is no progress, there’s always a lot of thinking done in that week :wink:

The team that runs and creates the FiveM platform (otherwise known as CitizenFX) is probably one of the best development teams in modding I have seen. And all I’m here todo is say thank you. So thanks for providing your service and making it what it is today. Yes some mistakes were made in the past, but we are human and make these mistakes. But lately FiveM has had massive progression on the One-Sync system and multiple other things for the community. When I started playing FiveM the launch screen looked like this:

So yeah. Big change. The FiveM platform has changed. So again. one big Thanks and a :mascot: and a :heart: for FiveM and all the elements.

Known Elements
root actinium aluminium antimony argentum argon arsenicum astatine aurum barium berkelium beryllium bohrium boron bromine cadmium caesium calcium californium carbon cerium chlorine chromium cobalt copernicium cuprum curium darmstadtium dubnium dysprosium einsteinium erbium europium fermium ferrum flerovium fluorine francium gadolinium gallium germanium hafnium hassium helium holmium hydrogen indium iodine iridium krypton lanthanum lawrencium lithium livermorium lutetium magnesium manganese meitnerium mendelevium mercury molybdenum moscovium natrium neodymium neon neptunium nickel nihonium niobium nitrogen nobelium oganesson osmium oxygen palladium phosphorus platinum plumbum plutonium polonium potassium praseodymium promethium protactinium radium radon rhenium rhodium roentgenium rubidium ruthenium rutherfordium samarium scandium seaborgium selenium silicon stannum strontium sulfur tantalum technetium tellurium tennessine terbium thallium thorium thuliumtitanium uranium vanadium xenon ytterbium yttrium zinc zirconium

Thats alot :wink:

Of course you can’t forget the External Moderator’s
The Legend ones:
@Blumlaut @Deziel0495 @shayan_doust @Xinerki @Briglair @Havoc @Vespura

And the newer guys:
@d0p3t @Syntasu

To all you guys. Good job. Thanks. And keep up the memes and work!

First element to respond gets 50 vBucks



vBucks :joy: My god

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This post just made me realize why they are called elements, I feel so dumb now.

I agree with you about the sync topic, it was so bad around a year ago, to see people still complain about it pissed me off, there has been so much progress with One-Sync and FiveM as a whole, can’t wait to see what surprises they have coming up in the futur



You are absolutly right @FAXES.
FiveM gave me the ability to learn coding in an easy fun way.
Much respect for the elements & the awesome community we have.



This is cool to hear. Modding GTA: Vice City on PC is actually what got me into computers. To hear that GTA is still getting people interested 15 years later is amazing.

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yeah. 15 years. Shit. lol

RIP Elements getting vBucks

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Good thing there isn’t any rules like Discord about not tagging the elements :wink: you’d be FUCKED.







Root isn’t an element :open_mouth:



ik but thing says he owns the forums.



:cookie: :confetti_ball:

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click baiting :open_mouth:






big praise!

you could make a religion out of this



You just won 50 vBucks

Good to still see the element(s) alive!



Poke, I’d like some vBucks too!

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