My server likes giving me a huge error code whenever someone connects



I am running a server, and it’s been going good, everyone could connect have fun, and I could even host while like 10-20 people were on all from my home pc, with no issues, and I would even play Fivem on the same computer the server is running on without any issues.

But all of the sudden, literally out of the blue, whenever someone joins the server, it gives me this huge error.

As far as I know, no one has ever had this problem because I’ve been looking for it on the forums for about a week now, with no luck on finding a solution.

I have tried clearing the cache, taking out all the resources, restarting my computer and the router. I tried updating the server, trying to start the server from scratch again, and I also tried putting the server on different ports, I have even changed my gateway on my router, and no dice.

Error Code:

I dont even know where to begin with this error, I’ve done just about everything I could think of, and to add to the list of errors, whenever you close the error, it completely shuts down the server.


Looks like this is caused by Briglairs scoreboard resource x)

It probably failed making a request to the steam API I think.


BrigSteamScoreboard is bugged. Possibly expired Steam API key (I’m assuming this as I’ve never seen the resource). Disable it or fix the HTTPRequest it does


Even if that happens to be the problem, I still get the error when every script is gone and I start from scratch. Do you have any idea of what could be causing that ?


That is impossible. Delete your server cache


I deleted my cache, still no luck.


There is literally no way that anything can trigger that error if you have a barebone vanilla server, heck, even just not that resource.

Show me your server.cfg please


Nevermind, I used the vanilla files, but not the resource folder, I only had the artifacts and cleared the cfg. Sorry about that, I just got it working by overriding it with the vanilla one. Thank you for all the help.