My server Dont appear on server's list

My server does not appear in the server list, my server.cfg is well configured.


Thanks to whom to help

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What hosting are you using?

Hello, it’s not host i try in my local host and does not work

Uh, you need to open console and put a command to connect I believe. I’m not too sure on this one, await on further help.

Most likely you have removed the # in front of the following line in your server.cfg.

#sv_master1 ""

Please make sure to add the # in front of that line like shown in the example above. If you remove that # then your server will be hidden from the serverlist.

If this is not the case, then please continue reading below.

Please check the following if you’re not seeing your server appear in the serverlist:

  1. Make sure your server is running
  2. Go to
  3. Fill in your port (default: 30120)
  4. Check your port

Could it see the service?

  • A server can take up to 8 minutes to be shown in the serverlist after booting it up. Please be patient.
  • In very rare cases, there might be an issue with the serverlist services, please be patient, we’ll look into it as soon as possible.

Could it NOT see your service?
There are multiple problems that could cause this, below you’ll find 2 possible causes (but there could be (many) more):

  • Your ports aren’t properly forwarded.
  • You have a firewall that blocks external connections.



all is ok but i dont appear in server list and banner don’t upload in server idk why i remove the # , and nothing… i go check the firewall…

ok my firewall is ok

Port forward?

it’s ok

So solved?

No, idk why

Well. What’s the issue? Bacause in that screenshot you posted you have sv_master1 "" when to have it listed you need the #…

ok i go try, but why banners don’t appear

What’s your banner convar? It should work, just need an image link…

It´s a image link

Done, thx for all help!! continue with the good work!

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