My server does not appear on the serverlist, tried diffrent things




I have tried 10 diffrent ways to get my server listed on the server list

Its “Home hosted” (i have my own co-location at work)

Ports forwarded: 30120, 4499 (both UDP/TCP)

Server cfg:

I dont know what to do anymore,
i’ve tried to get contact with you guys on discord,
but they adviced me to post a thread here.
The server works fine.
We have players on it but they have to direct connect to it.

Best regards


This is a current issue with FiveM and certain fixes have happened to attempt to help, but it is still a work in progress.


Alright, it should be nice if they could add the server manually, as i’m running the servers and i have players on it, and i know i’ll be loosing them if there is not enough players on it.


Its just how fivem is, its a work in progress and they will keep adding new things, but you have to keep in mind that is one of their many many many many priorities, on their large list of to-dos.


Thanks man! :slight_smile:


Make sure the server key ip address is set to your public ip address and your port forwarded ip address is set to your local ip address. And also after starting the server it takes a few minutes for the server to show up in the list


My friend, i’ve tried both with my “outgoing ip”, the servers localy ip, and, nothing of them work


Hey why no one can answer on the problem or even think of what that cause the problem. im a gamer on this server and it is so unfortanuly that is doesnt show up would be glad if someone could atleast try to help mraxlux


I play on this server, can anyone please help so more players can start playing on it.


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