My server does not appear in the serverlist, Help, Google Cloud


Iam Host in Google Cloud
Already 3 days ago

you probably don’t want to change these!

only change them if you’re using a server with multiple network interfaces

endpoint_add_tcp ""
endpoint_add_udp “”

start mapmanager
start spawnmanager
start fivem
start rconlog
start scoreboard
start vrp
start vrp_basic_mission
start vrp_mysql
start TruckerJob
start TruckerJob2
start loadscreen
start disclaimer
start handsup
start MissionText
start customchat
start deleteveh
start pv-tow
start playerblips
start outlawalert
start brasil
start sirencontrols
start vRP_AdvancedFuel

start govmansion
start lscustoms
start vrp_carwash
start banking
start pointing
start deathmessages
start vrp_job_display
start commands
start vrp_basic_menu
start TruckerJob2
start nocarjack
start es_holdup
start es_bank

start casa2
start ironmann
start lux_vehcontrol
start RealisticVehicleFailure
start vrp_barrier
start vrp_loadfreeze
start SexySpeedometer
start Siena
start favela
start object-loader
start object-teleports
start favela1
start favela2
start vehcontrol
start idoverhead
start farda_prf
start fardarota
start skinpmsp
start carhud

start addon_citroenc3
start addon_civic2017
start addon_frontier
start addon_corola
start addon_hilux
start addon_santafe
start addon_saveirodub
start addon_viaturarota
start addon_aguia

start addon_pajeroprf
start addon_bopecar
start addon_samu
start addon_sedex
start addon_taxi

start addon_toyotaa
start addon_skyl
start addon_golgl
start addon_fusca
start addon_audisq7
start addon_bmwm3
start addon_bmwz4
start addon_camaro
start addon_corsa
start addon_fordm
start addon_lamborguini
start addon_lbrc
start addon_lbs
start addon_lexus
start addon_mazda7
start addon_mercee
start addon_prf
start addon_ranger
start addon_bmw440ix
start addon_ftoro
start addon_veloster
start addon_golfflash
start addon_hover
start addon_impala
start addon_jeeps
start addon_lixo
start addon_musfb
start addon_p208
start addon_passat
start addon_policiaaaa
start addon_policiaprf
start addon_punto
start addon_s1017
start addon_tororb
start addon_bizz
start addon_ducatti
start addon_xt660
start addon_xt660PM
start addon_yamahamt
start addon_yamahar6

start addon_porche918s

sv_scriptHookAllowed 0

change this

#rcon_password *****************


nested configs!

#exec server_internal.cfg

loading a server icon (96x96 PNG file)

load_server_icon myLogo.png

convars for use from script

set temp_convar “hey world!”

disable announcing? clear out the master by uncommenting this

#sv_master1 “”

want to only allow players authenticated with a third-party provider like Steam?

#sv_authMaxVariance 1
#sv_authMinTrust 5

add system admins

add_ace group.admin command allow # allow all commands
add_ace group.admin command.quit deny # but don’t allow quit
add_principal identifier.steam:110000112345678 group.admin # add the admin to the group

hide player endpoints in external log output

#sv_endpointprivacy true

server slots limit (default to 30)

sv_maxclients 30
sv_licenseKey ******************************


i have the exact same problem!


I’m finding it strange that when I run the server on my machine the server appears in the list of servers, but in the VPS I hired the server does not appear in the list.

What happened?


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