My mouse Is impossible to move!


Hello My problem is that my mouse remains stuck in the middle of the screen. I already try to delete the games but no results. Sorry for writing its google come google translation So here is


When IG, change the Mouse Input to Raw Input (something like that) :slight_smile: Works for me :slight_smile:


Start GTA Normal (Singleplayer) and change “Mouseinput” to “Raw Input” in the Settings.

Cursor STUCK in the middle of screen! Please help!

For me it doesn’t work if i change the input to ,Raw".It still doesn’t work.


I had the same problem with the old server list, but my mouse magically works now on the server list.


Im Haveing Same Issue


Did you tried what I mentioned above?


Yes it was raw input. Doesn’t work i have two courses


Did you also tried changing Mouseinput to “Direct”?


Yes tried changing it to everything