My (lately bad) experiences with ZAP-Hosting



Hi there.
I will describe my experiences with @zap-hosting over 1 year here, and why I (try to) leave them.
If wanted, i could attach tons of screenshots, but most of them would be in german.

Initially i got one FiveM server at ZAP. I liked the nice interface, and the support was mostly helpful. Since i am in Germany, their business hours were no problem and i could almost always just contact support in the live chat. After a while i got a 2nd and 3rd FiveM server, and to that point, i would still have recommended ZAP. My (non german) admins weren’t because the ZAP support in english apparently sucked.

My view on ZAP changed when i got a rootserver from them (this month), to run 4 fivem servers off that.
The only reason i got the rootserver there was, that it said the traffic is unlimited as long as its not unusual like outgoing ddos attacks.

After buying it, and setting it up (this took a while since it bugged out and support had to debug it)i then noticed it had a fixed 1.5TB limit per month. That can be reset by contacting support, but the fivem servers would have filled the limit fast and i didn’t want to constantly have to worry about the traffic and contact support before it hits the limit and server goes down. That wasn’t what i expected from “unlimited”…

So i tried to refund. The support told me: Not possible. Altho, in my eyes, the product clearly wasn’t as described.
I then contacted the ZAP CEO and told him about my issue with the limit.
He talked down to me, in an unprofessional e-mail, about how the limit is mentioned on several spots on the site, and in their (poorly written) TOS. (I checked, it’s not.) And that no hoster in the EU has unmetered traffic and i should just rent their FiveM servers instead.
(I now rent a dedicated server at ovh, that has the unmetered traffic he told me doesnt exist in the EU.)

And just now, i find an invoice for 165,30€ in my ZAP interface for one of the FiveM servers, even tho i cancelled all services so they don’t renew.

TL;DR: Don’t buy ZAP products, you will be fucked over, sooner or later.


Sorry to hear your bad experience with the traffic policies of our VPS/Rootserver products.

We highly do not recommend to host FiveM servers on our VPS/rootservers; because there is no reason to do so but many reasons to host a fivem Server directly at us. And yes, fivem Server burn traffic as hell. (At least without onesync)

  1. optimized ddos protection
  2. beautiful control panel with many features like an ESX or vRP installier, automatic db configuration
  3. free Backupspace, Automatic Backups of your Server an Database
  4. Full ftp access - you are able to modify any file and install custom resources!
  5. not traffic limit
  6. fivem and script related support

If you would like to test a FiveM Server, I am happy to put another 50€ to your zap credit. Just shoot me a message with your username or customer ID.