My friend can't seem to find my server


I made a server just for me and a friend. I finished setting up the server yesterday and it works, but when my friend tries to find my server he can’t find it. And I have tried to port forward but I don’t know which IP and Port I need to use.

-internal IP= 192.168.2.***
-external IP= 84.84.235.***
-server inside cmd= 62.210.***.***

-server.cfg= 30120
-server inside cmd= 30110

*with server inside cmd I mean when you start your server on one of the top lines on your cmd it says an IP with Port.

Please let me know if you have an idea to help me.


Have you updated your server core to latest version?


I have just updated the server build. I can join with localhost but my friend still can’t join.


You use your internal IP for your router, so you forward your ports like this:
Your IP is e.g.
Then you open for this IP the following ports:
30110 - 30120 UDP/TCP

Keep in mind, that some router will give you another internal IP, if you restart your PC.