Mumble VOIP?


Where can I get mumble’s in-game voip system? I’ve heard its on there patreon but not sure they’re still offering this. If so which level patreon pledge is it for? Thanks guys.


Mumble is part of the new OneSync version. It’s currently available as an experimental feature. To use it, please follow the instructions here The OneSync EAP and you

Mind you that the mumble VOIP system is still buggy and so is OneSync. It’s not advised to use this unless you “know what you are doing


Thank you! Is it possible to just take the Mumble feature and add it to current server files? I don’t want to enable 64 slots or any other buggy features.


No, as the mumble feature is also experimental and part of OneSync. You don’t have to enable 64 slots if you don’t want to. OneSync tests under 32 slots have been very successful.


Sounds great, i’m probably going to do that then. ‘Manually Granted Premium’ - Does this mean if I pledge the $15 its not guaranteed I’ll get access?

Edit: ‘There’s no voice chat built-in. Mumble will be re-added at some future time. This is still the case, but we’re working hard on improving this!’ - So Mumbles not even available anymore?


This means that the FiveM devs manually gave you access without paying anything. It’s reserved for those with unique use cases for the experimental features.

It is, the post needs to be edited. What is not available is 3D positional audio.


Right but you can still pledge any of these (Element Club Argentum/Aurum/Platinum) and still get access?




Why not? Aah it can’t just be me who suffer from the voip implementation from R*? When near 4+ people you wouldn’t know who is talking unless you got some rendering icon / marker usally found in public servers.