(Mumble) Voice Chat Malfunctioning for Aurum Club Members


Hi there,
I would like to report a bug that has been occurring for around 3+ days now (within the linux server builds, not sure if it happens on windows builds).
The general nature of this bug is to do with the Mic.

The main issue: The mic malfunctions when used in-game, this is more apparent when inside a vehicle. The audio fades in and out. The audio starts to fade as soon as you move (accelerate) the vehicle (probably 5kmph+) and the audio returns back once the vehicle is stationary.

Also note, as suggested by Vespura, when connected to the server via the mumble client all audio comes through fine.

What I have done to make sure it’s not my end
Tried Debian (both 7 + 8), Tried Ubuntu (17 + 16) and also tried with 3 different server providers and the problem is still apparent.

I am happy to supply any additional information if needed! Thankyou!


What voice proximity values are you using?


At first ive tested it with default settings (not touching any proximity values)
And i also tried setting it to: 500 and also 0.00

Both didn’t have an effect
Thanks :slight_smile:


Can you verify with this DLL on a client if they can hear people properly with such acceleration?

voip-mumble.dll (1.1 MB)

Could not load component voip-mumble.dll -windows error code 127

Sorry a bit unfamiliar with installing DLL’s
Where would you like me to place this file?


It should go on top of (replace) the existing one in a FiveM Application Data directory.


Hi, Just tested it the same issue is still present unfortunately,
Tried it with vanilla proximity as well as extended proximity


voip-mumble.dll (1.1 MB)

How about this one?


This dll still seems to have the issue.


are you sure you actually applied the dll correctly and it didn’t get re-downloaded, alternately, that your issue description is correct? this one should remove all velocity calculations from audio code, as well as cause a 100% volume up to 25% of the voice proximity value.

what resources are you using for voice proximity, even?


I’m pretty sure the dll’s were pasted in correctly.
I used a resource called vVoice to test with proximity.


Issue has been fixed through a clientside update
Thankyou fivem dev team!


Hi. I have this on my server too (voices cutting in and out. Extremely broken speech whilst in a moving vehicle). I DLd the latest .dll file posted here and added it to my folder only.

a) did the file linked above work or what it another?
b) I assume all players need to use it for it to ‘work’.



a) according to cruelalpha it was fixed in a fivem update, not using the dll’s provided above.
b) i don’t think so, the person that used the dlls would probably hear the changed audio, no need for others to have it. Though I’m not 100% sure on that. Anyway, its no longer needed because it was apparently fixed in the update cruelalpha mentioned.


i havn’t updated the server version to the one release on the 14th yet so I’ll do that. Thanks


This is what I am getting still. Any ideas?


How you do that? :c I’m with the same problem, I donwload this dlls but nothing is working


You shouldn’t download these dll’s, just update your server and launch FiveM to update automatically.