Multi character selection & character creation , what’s a girl to do :’(


Basically , we have a vRP based server, what I want is a multi slot character selection screen when you join the server, when you select new character , it lets you add an identity for the character, then once you give the character a name and D.O.B it takes you to the character creation screen…and breath

So my question is this, what do you guys use, any guide or guidance would be super appreciated <3


vRP is written to accept the steam identifier (i think) meaning everything in the database uses the steam id, writing a multiple character system would require everything to be changed to use character id rather than steam id. currently there is no public script or tutorial on how to do this.


I don’t know how to code , like at all, but couldn’t it be done like this, a template is created for the character , basically , if you pick character “A” , A’s you connect the server loads the face (witch you can edit at a clothing store so I assume it can be loaded) and the ID you gave the character? Obviously that wouldn’t fix the issue of shared bank balance and items / inventory lol


Basically the same way it loads/saves your t-shirt/pants, except it loads a different face/name and surname


That is possible but again you are still going to have to edit the vRP scripts to accept the cid instead of the steam id



vRP 2 will have multi-character (already done, selection is done inside a menu, but you can use the API to create any kind of UI.


That’s sounds great @Imagic <3 you should join our dev team, be our secret weapon to take over the rp world, I’ll pay you in cookies and haribo


That much sugar would probably kill me.