MPASSAULT Vehicles Crash


Hey guys i recently created a resource for my server that contained all the new update vehicles! they spawn in fine the issue is that when i try to enter the vehicles the client crashes instantly.
Anyone know where im going wrong or whats up with it?


are the meta files listed on your resource.lua the same as they are in the xml in the dlc?


What’s the error your receiving? If you have all the meta files, try checking the resource.lua, and see if the handling.meta is loading before vehicle.meta, because a lot of times I’ve found with custom cars is that, it can cause some major issues with being able to get in the vehicles and usually when fiveM cannot find the handling file before the car is spawned in, it can cause crashes to the desktop, followed by an error code. Hopefully this is helpful, and you can get your add-on cars to work properly. :mascot:


@eltuis10 yes all the meta Files are there,

@Javier_Hernandez here is the screenshot of the crash

From trying to climb on it ^^^^

From trying to enter it ^^^^^

and log: CitizenFX.log (84.9 KB)


Why create an addon when one already exists.


Didnt know that one existed i had put this to bed for a little whole as i have Uni come up but came back to it and obviously missed that post thanks though


@Smallo Interestingly the one you shared has the exact same issue as my resource has


Not sure how you missed it. It came out about an hour after Rockstar released the mod.

If it’s not working for you then you are doing something wrong or another mod is conflicting with it, as it works 100% on my server.


Because i dont check the forums all the time due to being swamped with Uni work now.

and im not sure what the issue is but i would like to solve it


Your log doesn’t really show much. Can you try it again and submit another one.