Mouse detatching from game when looking up or down



Mouse is detaching from the game when looking up or down, this is happening in full screen, fullscreen window. Also tested with raw and direct input from mouse. Also tried with no auto hide feature on windows taskbar, and reduced mouse sensitivity on mouse to as slow as 300dpi and in game through all levels and types of sensitivity. It is happening first and 3rd persons in vehicles or when on foot.

Aside from testing other settings, i have also reverified files. Also several reboots, in addition all drivers and windows are up to date. Issue started this afternoon, after launching game.

windows 10 64bit, steal series rival 500, nvidia gtx1050ti

Screen shot of mouse detaching while looking down and popping up taskbar.


I don’t have this issue and I have the game on windowed mode, weird. This tries even when you restart your game?


I’ve seen this happen in plenty of other games and either think it’s Windows fault, or something else. I don’t believe this to be specific (or fixable) to FiveM, though I might be wrong.


Yes, it is also not consistent. Being i had this issue a few times over the past few months and swore up and down it was either windows or mouse input related.
As stated above everything is up to date, No bells and whistles installed on this machine as its for streaming. In addition i do not use overlays.
I have tried restarting game, even re verifying game files, restarting machine.
I see no pattern to it as per temperature or resource usages. It may not be a fiveM issue, i have just run out of option as to who to ask for help. Steel Series blamed Microsoft, Microsoft blamed Nvidia, Nvidia blamed Steam, Steam blamed FiveM.


Ye I sometimes have this and I just press Escape then back out of the pause menu and it works. :slight_smile:


Thanks i have tried this a few times today with no solve, also tried Ctrl + Enter method.