Mountainside Roleplay | 16+ | EUP | Custom CAD | Very Light Restrictions/Structures | Whitelisted (Applications Open!)

Welcome to Mountainside Roleplay
When starting this community from the ground up by our Director (Epic Gaming) and our Deputy Director (CST Gaming) we both had one goal in mind, simplicity, and that is just what we achieved, offering our 3 departments…

  • Law Enforcement
  • Civilian
  • Dispatch
  • Fire Rescue Coming Soon

Community Features
When patrolling as Law Enforcement you are able to patrol any department you would like, and use any vehicle you would like, whenever you like, as structures are non-existent.

Civilians are an essential part of the community and the roleplay experience, and shouldn’t have restrictions on their creative abilities… in the Civilian Department at MSRP we have a very relaxed structure on vehicles and weapons, also allowing civs to create any type of scenario they would like to.

Dispatchers hold the patrols together, keeping the peace and organization when out on the streets. Assigning calls, answering 911, and much more.

Please ensure you read and meet all of the requirements listed in the description before applying. Thank you

For More information on the community and what we do, check out our website!

Application Status:
All Community Applications Now Open - Apply on our website at

Community Links:
Community Announcement Video
Community Rules Regulations and Guidelines
Recuritment Video

Thank you


Some LEO Vehicles We Have to Offer…


do you have a discord

they probably will give it to you if you get accepted

^^ yes you will need to apply in order to get into our discord

3 More Days to get those MSRP HOD Applications in! Feel free to apply if you have not already!
We will be closing applications on Dec 2nd

Member applications will be open soon in December to start our Beta Period. Thank you!
Apply Here


Today is the Final Day to get your HOD Application in! If you have not yet applied yet you still can if you are interested in getting started out with us!

Slots Available:
CIV: 1 Applicant
Dispatch: 1 Applicant

Hope to speak with you soon!

Apply Here

Informational Video

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Hey RPers! Our community website is now up and running!
Check it out at

Available Dispatch HOD Slot! Apply Today!
We are looking for one Head of Department for Dispatch at Mountainside Roleplay! If you are interested check out for more. Or check out our website for more details on the department itself at

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If you guys have applied please check your email for a response! It may appear in junk or spam, also check there if you have not gotten a response. Thank you

i would apply for head of dispatch but i am only 15 i turn 16 in aug of 2019

All good John. You will be able to join us for regular member applications when they open later this month, stay tuned!

We do have an available slot for Dispatch Director! If you are interested in getting started out with us, fill out an HOD Application here!

For More information on the department or the community itself, check out our website at

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discord invite?

No Fire/EMS??
I guess ill be leaving now

@lol2000_gamer In our community, we are only accepting people into our discord servers after they apply and get accepted to our community. Fill out the application for our dispatch director here. We are opening public applications Wednesday, December 19, at

when ever I register, my verifications aint working and I resent them a bunch of times

oh nvm it goes to my spam LOL

All Applications Currently Closed.
Public Applications will open on Dec 19th!

For More Information, check out our website at

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Community Beta Applications Are Now Open
Apply on our website at

We Hope to speak with you soon!