Mountainside Roleplay | 16+ | EUP | Custom CAD | Very Light Restrictions/Structures (Applications Open!)


Beta Period Applications Will Be Open Until 12/31/18
Get your application in before they close!
More information at


Join the SAHP!
Beta Applications Are Open!
Apply at


Community Developer Applications are Open!
If you are a Developer and are interested in starting out with us, please submit an application on our website at (you do need an account in order to fill out any applications)

Positions Available:

  • NON ELS Vehicle Developer
  • EUP Uniform Developer (Textures or Uniforms Itself)

If you are interested feel free to check out our website for the application or more information. Thank you!

(Regular Member Beta Applications are also open still)


We are officially launching the community on January 26! Come join us on the final leg of our Beta!
Apply at!


Community Now Open to The Public!! Apply Today at
All department applications open!


Head of Department Applications are Now Open!! Apply on our website at

Open Departments:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Civilian
  • Dispatch
  • Fire Rescue


All Community Applications Now Open!! Apply at


NON ELS Vehicle Developer Applications Open! Apply at


Yall too can drive this truck if you join MSRP!


LEO Applications Have Been Closed Until Further Notice Due To Over Population // CIV and Dispatch Applications Remain Open!

Apply at


One of the best servers I have been in.


Little photoshoot with some of the explorer’s you can drive around


All Applications Open! Apply at


Join MSRP Today!! Age Recuirment 15 or Join the Explorer Program, you can learn more on our website, Today we had a really fun patrol lasted around 3-4 hours of good RP. I would recommend you join if your looking for a serious roleplay community to join.


Apply to Law Enforcement Today at



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Very nice server and very welcoming i recommend this server :slight_smile:

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Hey, I have a couple of questions regarding the community:

  1. I saw that you are not ESX-based. Do you plan to switch to Economy based RP in the near future, or are you sticking to trainer-based RP? A little follow-up to that, what trainers do you use?
  2. How many members do you currently have?
  3. Do you have set patrol hours, if so, what are they?
  4. Do you think that patrols happen in times that even EU based players can attend them without wrecking their sleep schedule? :smiley:

Any reply is appreciated :slight_smile:


What’s up guys, if you are interested in a community where the rules of the departments arent strict then this community is for you. I’ve been in this community for about 1 month. So far everything is really good, I love the fact that you can choose what ever department you want to be so if your tired of being a deputy just go ahead and change to a trooper. The scenarios trust me, they are fun but serious too.

So if your looking for a community I would suggest you join MSRP, patrols last a good 3 hours so you get your daily dose of RP, there fun and action packed if thats what you like, and you have a great community that’ll welcome you and be your FiveM family.
(So cheesy^)

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