Mountainside Roleplay | 16+ | EUP | Custom CAD | Very Light Restrictions/Structures (Applications Open!)


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I would really like to join if you did not have that NO DUAL CLANNING rule. I am in another community and I really like being there, however, I’d also like to be able to switch things up once in a while. But other than that this looks like a good community.


SAHP Trooper on a 10-11
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Great idea but, I feel like it would get out of hand very quickly as you have “light” restrictions.


PD Explorer :mountain_snow:
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PD Explorer :mountain_snow:
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20 Characters. This is stupid :joy:


Do you ever think you will remove the No Dual Clan rule?



Most Likely Not


´That’s sad because I used to be in SoCal COPS and I enjoyed it a lot. Just had to leave due to some problems with my PC


Beta Applications are Still Open! Come start out with us!

More information at


Is there ELS?


The server uses non-els cars.


Just applied,

Do you guys use teamspeak?


Yes we do.


If you have applied to MSRP and have not gotten a response yet, we just had to roll out a update to fix an issue with the applications being logged. Please fill out your application again. I apologize for any inconvenience.


I applied yesterday,

Is there an way we can just an interview instead?
Or can I discord DM you my answers?


No sorry, would need you to re fill out the application. They are only done on our website



Just finished


@Epic_GamingI have applied twice now because it won’t show my application on the site.


I see yours, thank you

Yes, as I said had to roll out an update to fix that issue, and to apply again if you are still interested.