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Mountain Community Roleplay has been showing it’s ugly mug on the face of the forums for a little under a year now. We’ve had great people come and go in that year, but one thing that stayed was the sense of family.

Our server is run by players for players. We understand what people want, and we’re open to suggestions. Anyone can become a moderator or a developer, but you must have been a known community member for at least one month. We will never hire anyone into a staff position if they are new.

The departments our server has are:

  • San Andreas State Police - As our main police organization.

Here at MCRP’s San Andreas State Police, we pride ourselves on having the most strenuous but rewarding training regiment. Each Trooper must undergo WHOLE MINUTES of classroom and field training, with ongoing field training through the ranks. We will never hand out a rank to someone who hasn’t earned it.

  • San Andreas Fire Department - As our state-wide district-based fire department.

We have custom cars for anyone to use, and custom police vehicles for law enforcement! Most of the custom civilian cars are replacement models for default cars. You don’t even need to remember any long spawn codes!

Our Developer Team is filled with people who understand issues everyone has. We’ve been there, and we don’t want you to be placed by the wayside.

If your community would like to merge with ours, we are keen on keeping our server and Discord, but would completely welcome the influx of people. ESPECIALLY administrators and moderators! You would have to be trained, of course, but we’re always on the hunt for real talent.



Apply Direct: Click here to apply!

Mountain Community Roleplay


Your base_url is incorrect and it should be “//” (no trailing slash) and not “”

Thanks for using OpenCAD!


Thanks! I love OpenCAD. It’s incredibly easy to set up and use!


Matt please stop using OpenCAD related accounts you are no longer a team member of OpenCAD


I don’t see you trying to help anybody. Sorry I keep doing your job for you.

As moderators keep telling you, posting on public threads is not the place to start drama.
If you have a problem keep it in pm’s.


“Sorry I keep doing your job for you.” Let me be crystal clear you are in no way authorized to represent OpenCAD or have OpenCAD name branding or trademarks etc.

This isn’t drama this will become a legal issue if need be.


Not to be like that but just saying that OpenCAD is not an registerd trademark therefore you can’t really do anything for people using it.


Bump! We still need people!


We’re slowly gaining traction! We rely on people like you to keep us going!


We now have 50 people thanks to the FiveM forums! Keep joining!


We have just rebranded to Mountain Community Roleplay! Come join us and you have a great chance of achieving a high rank!


We just created LSPD, our chief is looking for recruits!


Never heard of them.


I think FiveM changed users’ reply ability to only allow replies to other people, my system of bumping came to an end in November… I’ve stuck to their 24 hour policy as best I can with these edits…


We just opened up our new website.!


Sorry to interfere around here, but not sure where to post suggestions of jobs. Maybe, just maybe, if not already in game( need to get headsets to be able to join you guys and I am honestly looking forward) add new jobs like waiter, or bartender, or pizza delivery? These could be fun :smiley: Just a thought :slight_smile: