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We Are A New FiveM Community And Looking For New Members To Join And RP. We Have A CAD/MDT And A Pull Over AI Script So You Can RP Like LSPDFR.


Director - J_Got_Juice

Deputy Director - Justin

Asst. Deputy Director - TheLukasGran

Chief of Police - Open

Asst. Chief of Police - Open

Sheriff - Cesar Wick

Chief Deputy - Open

Highway Commissioner - Open

Highway Deputy Commissioner - Open

Civilian Director - Open


Los Santos Police Department - OPEN

Blaine County Sheriff’s Office - OPEN

San Andreas Highway Patrol - OPEN

Los Santos Fire Department - OPEN

Communications Department- OPEN

Civilian- OPEN


Must be at least 15 years of age. (Exceptions Could Be Made)

Must be mature on all actions made and take full responsibility for them

Must have a legal copy of GTA V.

Must have Discord

Must have a microphone.

Must have a sense of enthusiasm.

Must be active in 1 patrol a week.

Must speak English.


Join our Discord accept member role in welcome go to Server Info and proceed to the website. The application will ask the following questions, Name, Age, Department choice and questions about the individual.