More houses with even interior!



Good afternoon, gentlemen, I’d like some information, I’m creating a server based on FX Server, and I wonder if it’s possible to use the same interior of the house to create other houses? Some kind of teleportation for other dimensions but in the same place.
as used in SAMP was a function called SetPlayerVirtualWorld
Does it have the same function in FiveM? I have been researching without success.

Thanks in advance!!


Unfortunately not, however you can fake this by making all other players invisible and no collision when in an interior, creating the illusion of being alone while there infact could be multiple


Ótima tecnica, sendo assim teria como fazer tbm para que cada casa tivesse um inventário separado, utilizando da chave da casa que o player entrou, e na hora de sair tbm, usando a chave (id da casa) para direcionar o jogador a entrada de sua real casa…
Ótima ideia, obrigado, irei testar dessa maneira…


Do you have any code examples of how to be able to do that?

Thanks in advance.


I’m trying to understand how the lua programming works and the functions used in FiveM, to then use my logic and do the code, in PAWN, SAMP base language, I know how to do I have all the logic of the program, however I have to learn a little more of FiveM’s functions to be able to develop the code, but as soon as I get it, I’ll make it available!
Thank you, if you know anything to help, you will be welcome too.