Mopar RP/ 240+ real cars /real handling /Hiring all Police



Mopar RP is a high quality server with all scripts and vehicles u could ever imagine 240+ cars with realistic handling. Police cars with ELS lights. So many scripts. All requests people want for example: cars scripts etc. will be put in. Hiring all Police . CHP SHERIFF POLICE SWAT EMS or FIRE… (if u cant find the car u want in the server it might me an add on … tell me and ill tell u the code) … Discord: … Instagram:… If u would like to contact me THIS IS MY DISCORD Mopar#9665… We are currently accepting all Cops who would like to join us :slight_smile: don’t miss out … U will have so much fun :)… To find the server type in MOPAR RP and u will be all good. :slight_smile: Have FUN.