Mojrp ( uk ) ( beta) ( all jobs)


[:fire: MOJRP :fire:]

Well you’re in luck! Here at MOJRP we hope to bring you your best role-playing experience!. We’re looking for a bunch of members to start this community . We’re hiring all positions of every department. We do use Discord and we have a 24/7 server.
WE have alot of custom cars added as well as new maps and content to enjoy as well as car meets and fun events.

We’re looking for all ranks in
Los Santos Police Department
San Andreas Highway patrol
Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
Los Santos Ems

Legal Jobs

Uber Driver
Bank truck driver
Police/Sheriff/Highway Patrol (WL)
Mechanic (WL)
Bounty Hunter

Illegal jobs

Weapon Smuggler
Drug Dealer

Some Content

-Bank Robbery
-Store Robbery
-Bank and ATM system
-Costume MAP
-Custom showrooms
-Custom Gargaes
-Driving School
-Job missions
Plus much more come check us out

Server IP:

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FiveM update - March 15th, 2018

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how is that name the same a dojrp when its mojrp ?? they both stand for 2 different things lol
and if you look all over the web every server is like/trying to be like doj so why don’t you go and hope on another post with your stupid little comments and go troll other posts or keep your opinion’s to your self …


@monkey0152 Agreed :slight_smile: