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And if you want to continue to speak about this topic, you can add me right there on discord :wink:


I dont believe your getting it, none of our members ever joined your discord, and none of our members made fun of your server, as far as i can see the person that made fun of your server, once again js not a member with us. To become a member you have to fill out an application. Im not here to start drama, but if your going to continue to attempt to drag our community reputation through the mud. I will defend it with proof as everything you have said has been a lie or misinformed so far. We have nothing to do with the message that was sent to you, i dont know what about that is so hard to understand


We are a community that aims to professionalism, and helping other people the best we can, we did not talk about your server/community, none of us have joined it or has bad intentions to it, if someone else told you that it happened, it’s a lie as far as i am concerned.
If someone else did indeed do it behind our back, actions will be taken against that person like a verbal warning or a kick from the community

Best Regards,
G. Bolk Moderator of Diamond Cut Roleplay


REDRUM-ORPLC We are sad to hear that you have had a bad experience within the community, but i was also informed and witness the negatively that was said and brought inside the general chat. If you had a problem with the community you should of done the right thing and message an admin or a moderator and the issue would of been dealt with, but instead you decide to start and cause drama inside the community, so ask yourself this, where has that gotten you? i think the answer is no where, because it hasnt affected the community one bit. So stay off of our page and stay out of discord. If you have any questions you can message me on here.

Thanks and Happy RPing!


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