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Looking for active player
Fire Dept Recruiting!

Great community,very helpful members,LEO training is great but also abit tough,but you can learn alot from it.


Thank You TheVipeR23 or aka Deputy Maev. Glad that you joined the community and glad that you are on your way in your department. Thanks for to comment!! and we look forward to working with you in the community and in the roleplays…

Thanks and Happy RPing!!!


Still looking for more LEO and Civs


Bumping the Post!!!


Great community, I have been apart of the community for about 2 weeks now and the owners and the staff and just the overall community is really welcoming and helpful. I recommend giving the community a try if you don’t like thats fine but i think you will enjoy it. If you ever have any questions or need help in the community everyone is always willing to help out.


Amazing Community. The Community is 100% realistic and I highly recommend it to people that are looking for a community that has realistic roleplay in it. Thanks Adam Faulds for the comment. We are happy that you are apart of the community and the Commissioner is proud to call you a Trooper.


I’m a State Trooper in this amazing community, and will say: at all times, professionalism is real, but having fun is key!
Not gonna exchange with any other community cuz this one is the best one i came across with.
We are hiring: Highway Patrol/Los Santos County Sheriff/EMS and ofcourse lovely Civs
Training is like real life, actual days to complete it, but will be all worth it after all.

~ 3136 G.Bolk of the Highway Patrol


I just today have been accepted into the community, and so far, its probably the best community I have been in or reviewed before I pursued it. The organization, commitment, hard work, and dedication I see in each members heart is out of the park! I hope to finally get into the server and see the true talents behind these well trained, well disciplined professionals!

I just want to leave you with this; how could you not be apart of it all?


Thank you Bolk for the amazing comment. We are glad that you are a member of the community and that you are having fun. Look forward to RPing with you in the community. Thanks Maguire for the amazing comment. Glad that you have been accept to the community and cant wait for you to start you academy


Still looking for Active LEO and Active Civs. We are also looking for some Firefighters and EMTS


Just bumping the post. Looking for active Dispatchers


Just bumping the post. Looking for more active members


Still looking for active members!!! Be sure to join


(20 Characters)


They come into my server, and sent pms to my members asking to join their server. I proceeded to their server and when confronted they banned me. What a GRATE thing to do lol


Redrum actually came into our server and spammed us with profanity instead of possibly contacting an admin and reporting the incident, i want to be very clear in saying that we do not condone these actions and will gladly talk to, or remove a member that spams our invite through pms in other servers.

However this is where the real issue reveals itself, the member he received an invite from isnt even a member at all. So therefore he isnt representing us as a community, if REDRUM wouldve contacted me or any of our admins he wouldve known this, but instead he decided to poorly represent his community after spamming immature profanity in our public general chat


Yeah, I started saying profanity after you guys started talking trash about my server and why did I come in there. No I didn’t put it here for drama. So you can try to stop doing that. I never once went into another server first telling people to join, you do it. It happens back. I did it to make a point. I dont want any of your 20 members. So end of discussion.


And if you want to continue to speak about this topic, you can add me right there on discord :wink:


I dont believe your getting it, none of our members ever joined your discord, and none of our members made fun of your server, as far as i can see the person that made fun of your server, once again js not a member with us. To become a member you have to fill out an application. Im not here to start drama, but if your going to continue to attempt to drag our community reputation through the mud. I will defend it with proof as everything you have said has been a lie or misinformed so far. We have nothing to do with the message that was sent to you, i dont know what about that is so hard to understand