Modify the voice distance



I would like to know if someone find how to modify the voice distance because all script I found it’s to modify the distance of listening and not the distance of speaking.

Please don’t say : NETWORK_SET_TALKER_PROXIMITY() because it’s s to modify the listening distance.


There is no such thing as a “listening distance”. The distance that a voice can be perceived by other players is determined by NETWORK_SET_TALKER_PROXIMITY.


I made different tests with this fonction :

Me and my friend with 10m distance between us. I setup my talker proximity at 3 differents values and if I have a small value, I didn’t hear his but he always hears me.

For me it’s for the listening distance. My voice distance is always the same.


That’s what I’ve noticed as well when making my basic voice chat resource. Unfortunately AFAIK there isn’t a real solution to this. Correct me if I’m wrong though.


Maybe it’s possible to get the talker proximity of other player and use SetPedMute(target) if the distance is higher than talker proximity.


Could be but in that case you could also just sync the player talk proximity to be equal on all clients.


The interest is to be able to speak with only player around you or with more player.

For example, 3 setups : 2, 5 and 10 meters not only one setup