Modern Santos Roleplay | Serious RP | Custom Scripts & Cars | Looking for new LEO, FIRE/EMS & CIVS! | Join us today!


Modern Santos Roleplay

Whitelisted CAD/MDT:

Our Departments:

  • Los Santos Police Department
  • Blaine County Sheriff Department
  • San Andreas Highway Patrol
  • San Andreas Communications
  • Civilian Operations (Guest ranking) With the option to join the department on our whitelist!

What we offer?
Here at Modern Santos Roleplay we strive to provide everyone with a fun and enjoyable experience whilst keeping our role play realistic and professional as possible! We offer members many opportunities to join one of our great departments to give them a chance to learn and enhance their roleplaying skills! We’re looking for new faces around our community make sure you stop by and come say hello and apply using the links above!

  • Custom Blacklist Script (Vehicles, weapons & ped models)

  • Custom Law Enforcement Vehicles

  • Civilian Add-on vehicles (Permission based)

  • Multiple Custom Scripts

Our Development Team: @FAXES

Server Screenshots!

Pictures taken by members in-game!

Thank you for reading our advertisement and we hope too see you around! :slight_smile:

LOOKING FOR EXPERIENCE DISPATCHERS! Join our discord to find out more information today :slight_smile:


Best Community Out There Always Accepting New Member and we also have a cool guy named josh and faxes


BEST SERVER! Love Skinny


Amazing server some of the nicest and friendly people you will ever meet.


Love the player base to death, come join us! :heart: :fire:


So much fun!! Amazing roleplay.


THE BEST SERVER OUT THERE! 100% Recommend joining! Great Staff! Amazing Developer!

-Nate K.


Thanks meh Boi

I’m not gonna go ahead and say it’s good mainly because I’m a Dev but I can say your opinion on the server should be up there :wink:



This clan is really the best out there. This clan is really great with an awesome administration team, staff members, and members in general. It makes it feel more like a family than a clan.