Model validation?


After today’s minor update, some of the my models started to cause an FiveM crash/error while spawned. (They were OK before).

Are we have some kind of model validator now? Or what can be wrong?


This project is going to hell… getting just only worst after each new update. It was working absolutely fine before August 2017 (works fine with nvidia shadow play, graphics without lags, working custom car models, etc), but then looks like they ruined everything they did before.

I got scared every time I see some new FiveM update window - and asking to myself, what they broke and what else won’t work anymore to me this time?..

Is there any way to get some paid version of FiveM so I can stop these terrible updates and just enjoy with some stable and playable version before Aug 2017?


No, they were not. There were many random game crashes due to invalid models, recent updates fixed most common random crashes that were not caused by bad model exports, however because these model files have actual invalid data due to bugs in the software that exported them, there’s no way we could fix these crashes - and as you can see with @UmerNaProloge’s answer above, people blame FiveM for these issues when they’re actually the fault of the people writing third-party model export software such as GIMS and ZModeler.

This model validation already helped uncover a bug in GIMS which we are working to report to the OpenIV team, however the ZModeler issue might be harder to figure out because ZModeler does not have any ‘open formats’ - and would require any car that is affected to be re-exported even if it were fixed.


Those third-part models were worked fine till today’s update… that’s the problem… Also they are still work in original GTA V game.

We all use custom models with FiveM, that’s one of the main points to use this project. There is no reason to use it with only default GtaV vehicles, it’s pointless to me.

I’d like to roll up to previous version of FiveM , where these “corrections” for third-part models wasn’t implemented yet, but FiveM developers has left me no choice to do that :frowning:


they didn’t

because that isn’t multiplayer, networking is more picky as to what models crash and which don’t

you can still use third-party car models, just not those that give this error.


Oh yeah, tell me more about that, we use a lot of third-part models on our FiveM server since April 2017, and all of them where work perfectly till today…

Well done, you are did a very good bug fixing work, FiveM developers, keep it up and don’t stop :slight_smile:


I better prefer to turn off those useless and even worst FiveM updates (but I cant), and roll back to a previous version and leave it there, when ALL my models won’t give any errors at all and just worked perfectly, than looking for a zmodeler’s guy and try to find and fix some unknown mysterious errors, which some of my models suddenly got today because of new update.


Those errors used to cause unknown crashes. It’s the same as before, except you now get a proper error message, instead of your game just crashing.


Why then there is no turn off/ignore option for those messages, when it was working perfectly before, probably even with those unknown errors/crashes?


But it wasn’t… The recent update has blocked the models that caused random crashes…


if you “turn off” those errors, THE GAME WILL CRASH EXACTLY THE SAME, except it will say unknown error, instead of describing it.


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