Mod Menu log?


Hi, I was wondering if their is any kind of mod menu log, so we can catch trollers etc


I would strongly recommend changing the UFO models to something non intrusive (on my server we did a whiskey bottle), and change the alien peds and what not as those are what we saw the most. The other thing you can do is get [Release] Logs system | Now with UI which is one of the closest things we have.

You can also disable ScriptHook but from my personal experience many people don’t like when it’s disabled.

There isn’t really a way to protect against modders launching cars or exploding stuff.

Modding was so bad in my community we made an external anticheat (really more of an antimodding) that the player is required to run in order to play. It allows whitelisted ASI’s using YARA rules and it monitors for injectable menus and chest engine. We’re considering release this out to the public soon but we don’t want it to be abused.


Give it to me haha, It’s such a problem right now


sorry but how do you monitor for injectables menus?


Use a Lua scrambler Resource scrambler - Randomize all custom resource events [Anti lua-injector]

And add tokens to server events [Release][DEV] Server Event Security Tokens - Anticheat


the problem is that the tokens are not working on ESX and essentialmode… i made the scrambler to work with esx

the problem in my server now is that a modder is spawning Robot like NPC that shoot everyone


If they’re doing all client side natives, there’s not much that can be done other than banning them. The base framework for ESX and essentialmode are relatively secure, it’s all of the add-ons that create the bulk of the vulnerabilities.


this is a mere mod menu used with a bypasser… like lambda or other more… right now i used a script that makes the npc ignore player this way those robots should ignore players too…


Your best bet would be adding decors to all entities you spawn through scripts and then make a script that iterates through entities to check for the decor. It would delete and vehicles or peds spawned without that decor.

Refer to: [Release] Anti-Cheat for car spawner's
Entity Iterator:


What about in game natural NPCs?


From my understanding (untested), the entity iterator doesn’t iterate naturally spawned vehicles or peds.


my ac can delete peds with weapons…


Found my way out but thanks :slight_smile:


Is there a way to log when a player opens a menu/the name of the menu? Rather than trying to log what they are spawning in.