Missouri Department Of Public Safety RP (MODPS-RP) Custom Scripts | Lambda Based | ELS & luxart


Hello everyone!

Summary of my server

have you ever thought of doing like real rp? not like DoJRP i mean real RP! well here you are! MODPS-RP is probably the place for you, we want to provide as much fun and realism that is even possible with GTAV Natives and Scripting Developers! i originally started working on the MODPS-RP Server back in November 2018 and i am finally making it a public server on 3/31/2019! we have Public Cops and applied cops! (Custom Civ cars for all!)

Our Departments!

  • Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office
  • St. Louis County Sheriff
  • Jefferson County Police
  • Missouri State Highway Patrol
  • High Ridge Fire Department
  • High Ridge Medical Department

Staff Team:

Founder: Rhys19
Co Owner: Vacant

Plugins & Scripts:

Time & Weather Sync (vMenu)
Custom Cars
Custom Scripts!
Custom Admin Panel (WIP)
Fuel Script
Fire Script
M Menu
Custom Screen info (by me)
Custom Scoreboard
Maintenance Mode
Custom Administration script (Integrated with admin panel that’s WIP)
Custom Radar Script
and much more!

A lot more is coming!

New Scripts:

Request Admin Script
Time & Date Script
Real Time Script
Seatbelt Script
Texchat Script
Anti Seat Shuffle Script
Vehicle Blackout Script
Toggle Hud Script
Custom Server Pause Title
Luxart Siren Control
Staff Tags
on screen draw text (Discord,Website,etc)
starchase script
nearest postal script
Spotlight script
rolesFX script
Server Sided PLD script
Speed limit display script
Suicide Animation Script
Tackle Script
Police Megaphone script
Police Interaction Script (PIS)

LSPD Carpack
Civ Cars
Staff Cars
much more!

Server information:
Discord: https://discord.gg/JSRqRQD
TS3: N/A
Website: N/A

We hope you enjoy your stay at MODPS-RP and leave us suggestions for us to do/change :slight_smile: we are always here to help!


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Server is almost stable! just need to do a few touches!

Don’t forget the server is public! join the dc server to find the ip address! because it won’t show in the list due to my home router!


I am very confused about what exactly this is. You have RP scripts installed, aswell as cars, but claim it is a free for all? Very confused. I understand your summary but yet still confused


We have changed to Missouri Department Of Public Safety RP! join us today! we have custom Missouri skins (i made) custom scripts EUP and i am setting up a functional one sync server! join to have the fun today!


Switched to VPS you can now see our server in the server list :smiley:


Missouri Department Of Public Safety | Public | Anyone can be cop | PUBLIC COPS! | EUP | Freeroam! | Custom Scripts | Active Staff! | Custom cars!

or just search up


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oh sorry didn’t know… i thought i could provide like updates or whatnot. sorry


New Cars are in
Jefferson County Sheriff Cars
aswell as Jefferson County Sheriff Peds!

join us today as we make the state of missouri a better state! we can’t do it without you!
New scrips:

  • ELS Plus
  • Luxart UI
  • LegacyFuel
  • WraithRS Radar (Modified)
  • Nearest Postal
  • New & Improved Postal Code map (Server sided)

just added in some new scripts

Added Scripts:

  • FrFuel integrated Siphon script!
  • Fuel For aircrafts!
  • DoJRP Radar
  • 911 command for the CAD

Removed Scripts:

  • WraithRS
  • vSync (Built into vMenu)
  • LegacyFuel
  • Essentialmode
  • Mysql
  • ghmattimysql
  • Async

Updated Scripts/Websites

  • Updated CAD (New UI)
  • Updated Faxe’s AOP Script (3.0)
  • FiveM Admin Panel (newest version)
  • Clear chat script (global now)

Coming soon

  • New cars
  • new aircrafts
  • Forums
  • Custom Radar
  • built-in cad feature (register car, etc)
  • Custom Framework

don’t forget to join our Discord