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Great community


The Discord Link Is Expired Just Letting you know!


Hello If u need a person who’s been a cop before and has experience shoot me a message


or you can just join the damn discord and apply lmao


Matt I found a server that isn’t going to make me start at bottom, thanks tho!


Okay So i got them a good amount of members and the nest day they get a youtuber and lovly the had removed me for double clanning because of the youtuber join , like fr whatever i dont rate them anymore tbh


Server had alot of potential, the only problem was the owner. He had this good idea in his head but executed it horribly. There was only 5 or 6 staff members and 95% of them did shit all for the server. Staff like Bee Gee for example, were brilliant and did alot for the server and unfortunately there was only 2 people like that and that is including Bee Gee himself. The other staff members did literally shit all for the server and because I was a director, I kinda figured that out on my own but for further proof, I checked the Discord server’s ‘Audit Log’ and found out one of them for example, has never talked. Ever. The reason for this review is because I was very recently banned from the server without notice and for no reason by the owner (Izaak W.). I’ve tried to message him about it but quickly found out he’s blocked me. I’ve got no more to say for this and before this post gets most likely deleted, I would like to say to anyone that wants to join that the server that they should NOT as it is dead and there is literally no support for it other than two staff members. No one joins the rp’s and as the staff team (that helped) and I have tried, no one seems to hop on. The server gets flooded with @everyones and @here’s making even me, an ex ASSISTANT DIRECTOR for the server, mute it as I would get flooded with notifications daily. Please for the love of God, don’t join it.

PS: Bee Gee if you read this, you were a really good person to work with and I hop to see you in the future. And please, leave the server ASAP.

And also PS: Izaak W, I didnt know you were that much of a scumbag to fuck me over like that. I’d like to dedicate this to you, fuck you.

Yes, another PS, I know lol: If any of you were wondering who the youtuber with 200k subscribers was, it was some dude called CapGod 1 who is a clickbait GTA V YouTuber that has a following of eight year olds.

Thank you for reading