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Welcome To Ministry Of Justice Roleplay Community. We are a new community just starting up and are looking for dedicated members to help us grow and to fill in roles.

Server IP:
Website: (coming very soon)
Teamspeak: (coming very soon)

What is Ministry Of Justice Roleplay:
Ministry Of Justice Roleplay is a serious but New fivem community. We have just started up to show and give a great community to be in to roleplay and become family. Our staff team is trained very well to preform to the best of there ability’s to moderate and help this community grow and to help make sure it is in the best condition. Our server provides alot of different and exclusive scripts and vehicles . We are always improving the server to make it great for our members. We are always looking for new members.

What Does Ministry Of Justice Roleplay Offer:
The Ministry Of Justice Roleplay community looks to offer all of our members a roleplay experience that they’ve never had before. We are a very structured community that aims to create an immersive and rewarding environment for dedicated individuals looking to help us become something better and better. We want to show people an enjoyable experience while allowing for a seamless display of realistic Civilian and Law Enforcement roleplay to come alive.

Features of Ministry Of Justice Roleplay:
Training Server
Main Server
Custom CAD/MDT
Trained Staff
Custom LEO Vehicles
Custom Fire Vehicles
Custom Peds
Chain Of Command
Menu Based
Development team
6 Departments
Professional paid Website (coming soon)
Realistic Roleplay
Game Warden vehicles

Blaine County Sheriffs Office
San Andreas Highway Patrol
Los Santos Police Department
San Andreas Communications
San Andreas Fire Department (EMS and Fire)
San Andreas Civilian

Please check out our assets down below

Looking to become Law Enforcement
Dispatcher for hire

Our Assets

San Andrea’s Fire & Rescue ( More photos coming soon )

Blaine County Sheriffs Office ( More Photos Coming soon )

San Andrea’s Highway Patrol ( More photos Coming soon )


Los Santos Police Department ( More Photos Coming Soon )

CAD/MDT ( More photos coming soon )


good assets i have personally seen them i would recommend playing on this server


Everyone, Update

*High positions still open
*still in development
*All Department vehicles are done
*Still wanting active members


Really enjoy this support. We love when people join our community, it’s just furthering our goals!


It’s a great server that just got out of development. Make sure you join a department before our very first patrol.


Great Community, has great looking cars, peds, and has good scripts, highly recommended to join!


Everyone, We are still looking for high command and hiring all postilions


Great people and Great assets if we had more people this would be a very very good community


Thank you all for joining, Keep it up


Thank you all for joining, Keep it up


Thank you all, Keep it up


they have a very good management team and honestly the best cad i have ever scene also the director boards are the best they have a well put together discord and have tons of nice staff i lover the group honestly the best ive seen in a long while there vehicles and peds and the civ stuff is all great honestly the best i recommened this group to anyone who wants rp


I love this community


so far its been awesome


New Department DPS, Photos are coming


great Director, with amazing Vehicles and cars, i love this community and all the staff within it!


Currently looking for active members


Keep it up


Looking for website developer