Ministry of Justice new and upcomming community! looking for Dev's,dispatch,LEO,EMS


Hello and welcome to Ministry of Justice!
We are a new and upcomming community, looking for civillians, EMS, LEO and Dispatch!
We are also in need for developers!
In this server we have a bunch of custom cars,jobs,drugs, that will make sure u always have stuff to do, and aim for!

We always looking for way’s to improve ourself, and be better!

Short list of what we have:

Custom CAD + MDT
Custom Cars
Whitelisted jobs (Realestate, Mechanic, more comming soon)
Drugs (more cops online, more u earn)
Car dealership
Bank/store Robberys
Unicorn stripclub has a own job!
And much more!

U get a reward whenever u get friends/other people to join the server, and u get rewards in different kind of ways when ever u donate :slight_smile:

We do have a fantastic staff team, that always does the best to make the server a better place to play on!
Realistic Roleplay is something we do everything we can to make sure happends!

Hope to see u on the server!

Discord link:


Still looking for EMS,LEO,Dispatch and CIV’S