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Mining Moon RP - Launched 1st April 2018


About us:
MMRP is a brand new community inviting those who want to have an enjoyable roleplay experience!
We are looking to create a enjoyable world of roleplay with loads of scripts and resources included to enhance the experience for both new and experienced players. We are aiming for serious RP, with whitelisted cops and ems keeping the streets safe and healthy! There are loads of jobs at the ready to help you earn money for the many custom cars and properties across Los Santos. The server runs on ESX framework which provides a solid amount of backbone to the server!

Some of the jobs we have to offer:

Whitelisted Police
Whitelisted EMS
Whitelisted Real Estate Agent
Coast Guard
Delivery Driver
Garbage Pickup
Security Guard
Taxi Driver

and many more!

The cops have 3 separate departments:

Los Santos Police Department
San Andreas Highway Patrol
Los Santos County Sheriff

Along with many custom police vehicles available for use to patrol the streets of Los Santos and the dirt roads of Sandy Shores.

So come along and join us! We are all one community!

-MMRP Team.

Pictures to come!


Looking for players to join and help kick start the community! Once we get a good number of active players we can open up PD and EMS applications!

- B


Still hunting for players! Come join us!


After a couple of days maintenance the server is back online! We are looking for members! It’s open to the public as normal!

Join us at:


can you send me a discord link? Nicholas#1763