Minimum setup VPS SERVER



I would like to rent a vps server for GTA V RP, but I have no idea what is the minimum configuration I need .Where can I find this information ?

Thanks in advance !


Hello i take windows vps in first heberg for 2,39 € i don’t a lag look a this : don’t take the license just take trial for test this server



I took the Cloud VPS from OVH, no desync, everything works good


thanks for your quick reply


I’ve gone through about 4 vps providers and the best so far has been They are very decently priced and the performance can’t be beat. I did have a run with OVH (they are more budget friendly but you get what you pay for IMO).


Interested in what your experience was. I’ve been using OVH for years on different projects, most recently fivem. I’ve never had a problem with their service. They deliver what the promise, as long as you know how to configure and run the server I’ve never had an issue.