Military Role Play server with custom Military Mod - Factions - Mission - Lots of awesome military planes and vehicles & more!


I have been playing FiveM since its inception and I have to say that, with a few exceptions, most servers are pretty much the same: Speeding, pulled over, ticket, car chase, gunshot death. Seemed like I was playing the same game over and over. Then I started MilRP with its own custom modification designed for REAL military role play and everything changed. Recruits join the military faction of their choice (US, Russia, China, UK) and train for battle. Individual jobs are assign to each player such as Military Police to keep the base safe, or Air Force to rain death down upon the enemy. Custom bomber script provides a realistic experience for an overhead bombing campaign. Many add-on military vehicles and weapons make the server an enjoyable experience for all. We have a server-side trainer which will offer the ability to perform a number of time saving tasks.

Missions are being added to the Mod frequently giving players a chance to go head to head with the toughest characters. Capture the Flag, Hold the Base and Sabotage are just a few. And Scenarios? We got 'em. One upcoming scenario will pit the Russian Army and Air Force against The US Secret Service. Protect the President will give each side a chance to show off their skills during an attempt to capture (not kill) the President of the USA. Be warned though, his vehicle is hardened steel and cannot easily be destroyed. The Secret Service will do everything they can to prevent the kidnapping and will use all weapons at their disposal.

Our server is not whitelisted at this time to provide an opportunity for new members to check us out before joining. To get in on the fun just visit our [discord link] and contact an Admin or Moderator.

Get out of your Lambo in Sandy and jump into the role you have been waiting for! Your country needs you!

Military Role Play server with custom Military Mod - Whitelisted - Factions / Mission and a lot more coming!

Updates to the server!


FANTASTIC! M8 really nice. Click the discord link everyone! For an awesome community.:grinning::grinning::grinning:


Set the link to “Never Expire”
I know alot of people would like to check this out


Thanks @Crunch_911 I had a typo there. Appreciate the assist!


We have removed the whitelist features for those of you who just want to come and check out what we have to offer.