Military Clash RP, Five M's first reak Military RP server



Hello, and thank you for taking time to consider Military Clash RP. We are a brand new, up and coming RP server different from almost every other RP server out there. We are moving away from the standard Cop/Civ RP and going to the much awaited Military RP. We are run by several people, who have thousands of hours running RP servers as Mods, Admins, and even have owned other servers. Together, we are taking all of our experience, and combining it create what we hope will be one of the most successful Five M servers around.
We will take RP very seriously, and hope that all who choose to apply will do so as well. We will use discord, as we have found it to be more popular overall than Teamspeak. We have countless beautiful vehicle models, Peds and a great plan for a server we hope has a lot of potential. Players will have a choice upon application between the USA, and Russia. Both teams will follow an identical rank structure that is not meant to be identical to any real life Rank structure. As ranks are progressed, players will pick up more responsibilities, as well as opportunities, such as special positions, operations, ETC.
We thank you for taking the time to read about us, if you are interested, please fill out this application.
We look forward to seeing you shortly!


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How many members do u have?