Mic not working in FiveM


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Windows version? Windows 10 pro
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My microphone works everywhere except in FiveM

The headset is : Hyperx cloud 2, The setting in game are correct ( it says Hyperx)
I changed to push to talk and changed the PTT aswell. Nothing works

What can i do to fix this?


I’m not 100% sure what the issue is but have you tried to change your microphone sensitivity in Windows Settings? I heard that maxing out the sensitivity makes it work.


this doesnt help. Any other suggestions?


Hmmm… I’m not very sure what’s up.

Just to make sure:

  • You’ve made sure the in-game settings are all correct?
  • Your Windows Settings show the mic you’re trying to use, and you have it selected?

If yes to both, have you tried searching the forums? There are a few other posts with similar issues and all have different ways of ‘fixing’ it.


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