Metropolitan Roleplay Community | Recruiting Now | MRC


Welcome to MRC, this is a Brand New Roleplay Community based on the Metropolitan Services.

We are currently looking for
Trojan Units - SCO19
Charlie Whiskey Units - Traffic
Bravo Units - Motorway
London Ambulance Serice
London Fire Brigade

If you are interested in Joining please fill out our application form:


joined, found the owner knew nothing
, rude, unprofessional, spoke to people like dirt, waste of time and a server,

STAY AWAY---- 0/10


Proof? Never trash talk without proof!


i used to be in that server as the co-owner trust me its true


Don’t start saying things like that, you Threaten a 15 Year old, change the Website into a Pornohraphy one and Steal members for your own,


I don’t think anyone can trust YOU George


lee ifne paid for the website it was his to do what he wanted


But I own the rights to 590, therefore even though he bought it, I have the rights


Can we stop arguing please? No need to hijack someones post without proof :slight_smile:


I knew nothing? I made your thumbnail, logo, I done nearly everything on the server and Discord, you were a lazy co owner who done jack shit. You are rude and unprofessional and do not organise your community property.


If you all keep continuing this, then this is not going to end well for all of you. Trash talking has no place on the forum, as it has the potential to start drama and war. If you have issues with one-another, take it elsewhere.